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The U.S. ranks 8th in fur imports

12 February 2009 Leave a comment

According to the International Trade Centre, in 2005, the United States imported $67,015,000 worth of raw furskins, making it rank eighth in that category. Finland ranked first, with $164,470,000 worth of fur imports. It is likely that Hong Kong imported even more furs, but data for Hong Kong is not available past 2003.


The U.S. ranks 33rd in acceptance of evolution

12 February 2009 9 comments

According to a 2006 study first published in the magazine, Science, the United States ranks thirty-third out of thirty four nations (32 in Europe plus Japan and the United States) in acceptance of evolution. Iceland ranks first. Only Turkey ranked lower than the United States in the acceptance of evolution.

evolution-730854Graph taken from the blog “Science Musings.”