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The U.S. ranks 73rd in dairy spending

6 April 2009 2 comments

According to the USDA, Americans spend, on average, 8.59% of their food expenditures on dairy products, which makes the United States rank seventy-third out of 114 countries in that category.

Pakistan ranks first, with per capita dairy expenditures at 26.84% of total food expenditures. Sierra Leone ranks last, with per capita dairy expenditures at 1.13% of total food expenditures.

The world average is 9.60% in that category. The country closest to the world average is Peru, at 9.62%.


The U.S. ranks 9th in cloves

6 April 2009 Leave a comment

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, in 2003, Americans consumed 1251 metric tonnes of cloves, or 2% of the world’s total, enough to the make the United States rank ninth in that category. India ranked first, consuming 15,594 tonnes, or 29% of the world’s total.