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The U.S. ranks 16th in desire for alternative energy

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According to a survey conducted by World Public Opinion, 66% of Americans believe the government should force utilities to use more wind and solar energy, even at the risk of greater cost to consumers. This rate makes the United States rank sixteenth out of twenty-four countries in this category. South Korea ranks first, with 96% of Koreans favoring such a policy. Russia ranks last, at 36%. The world average is 69%.


The U.S. ranks 92nd in fish protein

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According to the World Resources Institute, the typical American gets 4.1% of her or his total protein supply from fish, which makes the United States rank ninety-second in that category. The Maldives rank first, with 54.8% of the their protein coming from fish. The world average is 6.5%. At the other end of the spectrum are Lesotho and Tajikistan, which get virtually no protein from fish.