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Global wheat production

21 August 2014 1 comment

If all of the world’s wheat fields were crammed together, this is how much space they’d take:


Global sunflower production

17 August 2014 Leave a comment

In 2013-2014, the world’s sunflower fields covered about 99,969 square miles. That’s pretty close to the total square mileage of Louisiana and Mississippi combined (100,277 square miles). 

Imagine if those two states were nothing but sunflower fields…sunflowers

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Global maize (corn) production

15 August 2014 1 comment

Here’s something different from what I normally do. I found myself wondering recently about the amount of corn grown in the world. I found out here that in 2014-15, an estimated 175.5 million hectares of land is under corn production.

How much is that?

Well, it turns out that 175.5 million hectares is about 677,606 square miles.

This five states shaded in this map total 678,660 square miles, which is pretty close to the amount of land in the world under corn production.
Global Corn Production

What do you think? Should I post more maps like this? 

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