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The U.S. ranks 1st in prisoners

31 January 2015 2 comments

According to the International Centre for Prison Studies, there are 2,228,424 prisoners in the United States. That is enough to make the United States rank first in that category. The second highest number of prisoners is in China, at 1,701,344.

The U.S. ranks 14th in education

6 January 2015 1 comment

According to Pearson, the United States has a “cognitive skills and educational attainment” score of 0.39, which makes the United States rank fourteenth out of forty countries ranked in that category. The top ten countries (and their scores) are:

  1. South Korea (1.30)
  2. Japan (1.03)
  3. Singapore (0.99)
  4. Hong Kong (0.96)
  5. Finland (0.92)
  6. United Kingdom (0.67)
  7. Canada (0.60)
  8. Netherlands (0.58)
  9. Ireland (0.51)
  10. Poland (0.50)

The U.S. ranks 19th in national satisfaction

5 January 2015 Leave a comment

According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project, 33% of Americans are satisfied “with the way things are going” in their country. That makes the United States rank nineteenth out of forty-four countries ranked in that category. China ranks first, with 87% of Chinese saying that they are satisfied with how things are going in China.