How does the United States rank…

in abortion rates?

in acceptance of evolution?

in age of first sex education?

in age of first sexual experience?

in agricultural land?

in agriculture workers as percent of workforce?

in airports?

in anxiety disorders?

in approval of India’s leadership?

in approval of Russia’s leadership?

…in approval of United Nations’ leadership?

in arable land (as percent of total land)?

in arable land (hectares per capita)?

in arid lands? armed forces personnel (as percent of total workforce)?

in armed forces personnel (total numbers)? arts funding?

in arts participation?

in assaults?

in asylum seekers?

in automobile manufacturing?

in balance of trade?

in belief in the benefits of U.S. policies? belief in separation of church and state? belief in trade?

in biocapacity?

…in biocapacity (per capita)?

in birth rates?

in book publishing? boundaries?

…in boys going to grade school?

in bribery?

in broadband affordability?

in broadband access?

in broadband subscription growth?

in bullied teenage females?

in business freedom?

in carbon dioxide (per capita emissions)? carbon dioxide from energy emissions?

in carbon footprint?

in carbon footprint (2007)?

in carbon intensity?

in carbon monoxide emissions?

in cell phones?

in cesarean sections?

in cheese imports?

in cheese production?

in child mortality?

in child poverty?

in children?

in Children’s Index?

in Chinese supremacy (perceived)? cinema admissions?

in cinema attendance?

in cinemas?

in cinemas per capita?

in civil liberties?

in civil liberties (2010)?

in coal deposits?

in cocaine seizures?

in college faculty to student ratios? college graduation rates?

in commitment to development (2008)?

…in commitment to development (2009)?

in commitment to development (2010)?

in commitment to development assistance?

in commitment to organic farming?

in commuting time?

in conditions for mothers?

…in confidence in President Obama? coniferous forests?

in connectivity?

in consumption footprint?

in consumption of alcohol?

in consumption of alcohol (2)?

in consumption of animal fat?

in consumption of apples?

in consumption of beef?

in consumption of beer (2009)?

in consumption of beer (2010)?

in consumption of beer (per capita)?

in consumption of cassava?

in consumption of cheese?

in consumption of cherries?

in consumption of coal?

in consumption of cloves?

in consumption of eggs?

in consumption of electricity?

in consumption of electricity (per capita)?

in consumption of energy by public and commercial services?

in consumption of energy by road transport?

in consumption of fertilizer?

in consumption of fossil fuels?

in consumption of fuel by road sector?

in consumption of grapefruit?

in consumption of meat?

in consumption of milk?

in consumption of mutton and goat (annual per capita)?

in consumption of mutton and goat (daily per capita)?

in consumption of nuclear energy?

in consumption of offal?

in consumption of offal (per capita)?

in consumption of oil?

in consumption of onions?

in consumption of pork?

in consumption of potatoes (per capita)?

in consumption of poultry (per capita/day)?

in consumption of poultry (per capita/year)?

in consumption of raw fat (per capita)?

in consumption of sorghum?

in consumption of sugar?

in consumption of wine?

in container port traffic?

in contraception use?

in copper production? copper smelting?

in corruption?

in cost of almonds?

in cost of bananas?

…in cost of chick peas? cost of garlic?

in cotton yield?

in cropland (hectares per capita)?

…in cropland (hectares total)? death by accident (children)?

in death by automobile accidents?

in death by automobile accidents (alcohol-related)?

in death by automobile accidents (rates of death)?

…in death by breast cancer (rates of death)?

in death by cancer?

in death by cancer (men)? death by cancer (women)?

in death by cardiovascular disease? death by diarrhea?

in death by digestive diseases?

in death by fire?

in death by HIV/AIDS?

in death by injury?

in death by meningitis?

in death by prostate cancer (rates of death)?

in death by respiratory infection?

in death by STDs?

in death by tuberculosis?

in death by violence?

in death penalty?

in death rates?

in debt (central government)?

…in democracy? democracy (2010)?

in dentists?

in desire for alternative energy?

in desire for energy efficiency?

in destruction of small arms?

…in development aid (CGD score)?

in development aid (OECD score)?

in disability benefits?

in distance to national capital?

in divorce?

in divorce rates?

in donations of food aid (cereals)?

in drug crimes?

in drug use (amphetamines)?

in drug use (cocaine)?

in drug use (ecstasy)?

in drug use (marijuana)?

in drug use (opiates)?

in ease of doing business?

in eco-cities?

in ecological deficit?

in ecological footprint?

in ecological footprint (2)?

in economic freedom (2009)?

…in economic freedom (2010)?

in economic freedom (2011)?

in economic freedom (2012)?

in electoral process and pluralism?

in electricity use produced by coal?

in electricity produced by nuclear reactors?

in electricity produced by wind?

in electricity production?

…in embracing free market economies (2003)?

in embracing free market economies (2009)?

in emigrant remittances?

in emigration?

in emigration to Africa? emigration to Asia?

in emigration to Europe?

in emigration to Latin America and Caribbean?

in emigration to Northern America?

in emigration to Oceania?

in employees faking illness?

in energy consumption (industrial)?

in energy consumption (residential)?

in energy consumption change?

in environmental activists?

in environmental impact? erection length?

in expat rental costs? expatriated citizens?

in expatriated nurses?

in expatriated physicians?

in expenditures on breads and grains?

in expenditures on dairy products?

in expenditures on education?

…in expenditure of education (percent of GDP)?

…in expenditures on education (secondary; spending per student)? expenditures on fats and oils?

in expenditures on food?

in expenditures on health?

in expenditures on health (government)?

in expenditures on health (government spending as percent of total spending)? expenditures on health (out of pocket)?

in expenditures on health (per capita)?

in expenditures on the military (percent of GDP)?

in expenditures on recreation and culture (government)?

in expenditures on recreation and culture (total)?

in expenditures on tobacco and beverages?

in exports footprint?

in exports of alcohol?

in exports of almonds?

in exports of alfalfa?

in exports of animals?

in exports of apple juice (concentrated)?

in exports of apples? exports of arms and ammunition?

in exports of art?

in exports of asparagus?

in exports of asses? exports of bacon and ham?

in exports of beef?

in exports of beet pulp?

…in exports of chick peas?

in exports of chickens?

in exports of chocolate?

in exports of clothing?

in exports of cocoa?

in exports of coffee?

in exports of cork?

in exports of cotton?

in exports of cut flowers?

in exports of edibles?

in exports of eggs?

in exports of explosives?

in exports of film?

in exports of glass?

…in exports of headgear?

in exports of high technology? exports of horses?

in exports of iron and steel?

in exports of lemons and limes?

in exports of lettuce and chicory?

in exports of milk?

in exports of natural gas?

in exports of office machines?

in exports of oranges?

in exports of peanut butter?

in exports of peanuts (shelled)?

in exports of pigs? exports of pineapples?

in exports of pistachios?

in exports of potatoes?

in exports of radioactive materials?

in exports of railcars?

in exports of raisins?

in exports of rice?

in exports of sheep?

in exports of stones?

in exports of sugar?

in exports of synthetic rubber?

in exports of tomatoes?

in exports of turkey?

in exports of wine? exports (reliance on)?

in Failed State Index (2010)?

in fat consumption?

in February’s chill?

in fertility?

in fertility (adolescent)?

in FIFA soccer rankings (May 2010)?

in film attendance?

in film productions?

in fish protein?

in foreign aid?

in foreign direct investments? foreign remittances?

in foreign students studying education?

in forest biocapacity?

in forest extent? forest footprint?

…in forests?

in freedom from corruption (2009)?

…in freedom from corruption (2010)?

in freedom from corruption (2011)?

in freedom from corruption (2012)?

in freedom of international mobility?

in freedom of the press (first ranking)?

in freedom of the press (second ranking)?

in freedom of the press (2009)?

…in freedom of the press (2010)?

in freedom of the press (2012)? frequency of sex?

in garbage?

in GDP?

in GDP (2009)?

in GDP (industry as a percentage of)?

…in GDP (services as a percentage of)?

in GDP growth?

in GDP per capita?

in girls going to grade school?

in global competitiveness?

in government commitment to education?

in government function?

in government size?

in government spending (2010)?

in government spending (2011)?

in grapefruits?

in grasslands?

in grazing land?

in greenhouse gas intensity? groundwater withdrawal?

in growing fruits and vegetables?

in growth of automobile manufacturing?

in growth of employment?

in growth of employment for women?

in growth of industrial production?

in growth of productivity?

in happiness?

in happy life years?

in harvesters?

in hectares of corn? hectares of tobacco?

in homicide rates?

in homicides (2009)?

in hospital beds? hospital beds (2006)?

in hours spent on personal care?

in hours worked?

in hours worked (growth of)?

in household waste?

in human development (2008)?

in human development (2011)?

in human security? hydroelectric consumption?

in hydroelectric use?

in immigrant remittances?

in immigrants?

in immigrants as percent of total population?

in importance of friendship?

in imports footprint?

in imports of animals?

in imports of asparagus?

in imports of asses?

in imports of bananas?

in imports of bacon and ham?

in imports of blueberries? imports of cabbage?

…in imports of chick peas?

in imports of coffee?

in imports of crustaceans?

in imports of cut flowers?

in imports of cutlery?

in imports of edibles? imports of eggs?

in imports of energy?

in imports of explosives?

in imports of eyeglasses?

in imports of fermented beverages?

in imports of foie gras?

in imports of fur?

in imports of ginger? imports of gold?

in imports of grapes?

in imports of green beans?

in imports of guts?

in imports of horses?

in imports of hydrocarbons?

in imports of iron ore?

in imports of livestock?

in imports of margarine?

in imports of merchandise?

in imports of paper?

in imports of pigeons?

in imports of pigs?

in imports of potatoes? imports of primates?

in imports of printing and bookbinding machines? imports of raisins?

in imports of rice?

in imports of services?

in imports of silk?

in imports of spiny-tailed lizards?

in imports of sugar?

in imports of synthetic fibers?

in imports of tobacco?

in imports of turkeys?

in imports of wine? imports of wood chips?

in incarceration rates?

in income inequality (2010)? income inequality (2011)?

in income tax rates?

in infant mortality rates? inflation?

in inflation (September 2009 to September 2010)?

in innovation?

in internationally important wetlands?

in internet access (home)?

in internet hosts?

in internet users?

in internet users (2006)?

in internet users (UNICEF)?

in investment aid? investment freedom?

…in investment in information and communication technology?

in January’s chill?

in journalists?

in juvenile crime suspects?

in knowing how to avoid pregnancy?

in knowing where to get information about sex?

in labor costs?

in labor freedom? labor participation (female)?

in labor participation (male)?

in labor productivity?

in labor productivity (growth of)?

in large families? lead mining? leisure time?

in length of coastline?

in leprosy?

in life expectancy?

in life expectancy (female)?

in life satisfaction?

in liking Americans?

in liking the United States?

in literacy?

in liveability?

in living systems scale?

in longevity?

in major assaults?

in mammals?

in manufacturing of commercial vehicles?

in manufacturing of condoms?

in maternal death risk?

in maternal survival rates?

in math olympics scores?

in math scores?

in math scores (highest, female)?

in math scores (progress of)?

…in mean age at birth of first child?

in mean temperature (December)?

in measles?

in median age (1)?

in median age (2)? medical graduates?

in merchant ships?

in migration? migration (net)?

in migration aid?

in military spending?

in monetary freedom (2009)?

in monetary freedom (2011)?

in mood disorders?

in motorcycle helmet use?

in mothers’ index (2009)?

in Mothers’ Index (2010)?

in motor vehicles?

in mules?

in music sales?

…in natural gas consumption (total)? natural gas consumption (per capita)?

in natural gas reserves?

in negative emotions?

in net migration?

in new business costs?

in new businesses?

in newspapers?

in newspapers (per capita)?

in newspapers circulated daily? nitrous oxide use?

in nocturnal safety?

…in nocturnal safety for men?

in nocturnal safety for women? non-citizens?

in non-resident hotel arrivals?

in nuclear power generation? nuclear reactors?

in nuclear reactors (planned and/or proposed)?

in nurses?

in obesity (child)?

in obesity (female)?

in obesity (male)?

in oil refinery capacity (2008)?

in oil refinery capacity (2009)?

in oil reserves?

in Olympic gold medals (summer) ?

in Olympic gold medals (summer; women’s discus)?

in Olympic gold medals (summer; women’s 400m run)?

in Olympic gold medals (winter; men’s figure skating)?

in Olympic gold medals (winter, men’s ice hockey)?

in Olympic gold medals (winter; women’s giant slalom)?

in Olympic silver medals (summer; men’s team fencing)?

in organic farms?

in parental leave policies?

in patents?

in perceived corruption?

in perceived honesty?

in pertussis?

in pharmaceutical workers?

in physicians? physicians per capita?

in PISA science scores? planet happiness?

in plastic surgery procedures?

in police personnel?

in political culture?

in political participation?

in pollution (flourinated gas emissions)? pollution (non-methane VOC emissions)?

in pollution (sulfur dioxide emissions)?

in pollution (particulate)?

in population?

in population (female)? population (foreign born)?

in population (percent of people over age of 60)?

in population (percent of total living in largest city)?

in population (rural)?

in population (rural as a percent of total population)?

in population (thriving, 2010)? population (thriving, 2011)? population (under age 15)? population (urban)?

in population (urban in cities greater than 1,000,000)?

in population (urban, growth of)?

in population (urban, total)?

in population growth?

in population of Jews?

in population of Lutherans?

in population of Lutherans as percent of total population?

in population of Muslims?

in population of Muslims as percent of total population?

in population of old people?

in population of refugees?

in population of Roman Catholics?

in population of Sikhs?

in population with HIV/AIDS? pornography revenues?

in pornography revenues (per capita)?

in pornography use? potash?

in potential net migration?

in poverty? poverty rates for children?

in precipitation?

in pre-trial detainees?

in prevalence of HIV?

in price of gasoline?

in prison occupancy?

in prisoners?

in prisoners (female)?

in prisoners (foreign)?

in privacy?

in production footprint? production of aluminum? production of apple juice concentrate? production of apples?

in production of avocados?

in production of bananas?

in production of barley?

in production of bauxite?

in production of beer?

in production of  bicycles? production of cadmium?

in production of charcoal?

in production of corn? production of cotton?

in production of cottonseed oil?

in production of cranberries?

in production of dried milk?

in production of energy?

in production of feature films?

in production of feldspar?

in production of fertilizer?

in production of figs?

in production of garbage (per capita)?

in production of gold?

in production of grapes?

in production of green beans?

in production of iodine?

in production of kiwi fruits?

in production of linseed oil?

in production of lithium? production of maize oil?

in production of marijuana?

in production of meat?

in production of mercury? production of milk? production of millet?

in production of natural gas?

in production of natural gas (growth in, 2008 to 2009)?

in production of olive oil?

in production of oranges? production of paper?

in production of perlite?

…in production of pig iron?

in production of pistachios?

in production of platinum?

in production of pork?

in production of rapeseed oil? production of raspberries?

in production of salt? production of silver?

in production of steel?

in production of strawberries?

in production of string beans?

in production of sugar beets?

in production of sunflower seeds? production of tobacco?

in production of tomatoes?

in production of uranium?

…in production of vermiculite?

in production of wheat?

in production of wine?

in property rights?

in prosecutions?

in protected areas (total hectares)?

in protected areas (large)?

in protected areas (percent of total land area)?

in protected areas (really large)?

in protected marine areas? protected wetlands?

in public debt?

in public pensions?

in quality of life for expat children?

in quality of living?

in quality of rural drinking water?

in radio stations?

in rail density?

in railways?

in rape suspects (per capita)?

in rates of multiple sclerosis?

in rates of poverty?

in rates of tuberculosis?

in reading?

in reading (females)? reading (males)?

in recovered paper?

in refugees from?

in refugees to?

in registered vehicles?

in religiosity?

in renewable water resources?

in renewable water resources (per capita)?

in researchers?

in researchers (2006)?

in reserves of lithium?

in reserves of phosphates?

in rice production?

in road density?

in roadways?

in robberies?

in Roman Catholic cardinals?

…in royalties?

in rubella?

…in rural drinking water?

in satellites?

in satisfaction in family life?

in satisfaction of direction country is headed?

in savannahs?

in science scores?

in science scores (living systems scale)?

in service workers (male)?

in sex in alleyways?

in sex partners?

in sexual activity?

in sexual confidence?

in sexual satisfaction (2005)?

in sexual satisfaction (2008)?

in sheep?

in shrublands?

in small arms ownership?

in smoking rates (youth)? snow and ice cover?

in soybean planting?

in Spanish speakers?

in species of amphibians?

in species of amphibians (endemic)?

in species of amphibians (threatened)?

in species of birds?

in species of birds (extinct)?

in species of birds (threatened)?

in species of ferns?

in species of fish?

in species of fish (threatened)?

in species of mammals (endemic)?

in species of mammals (threatened)?

in species of reptiles?

in species of reptiles (threatened)?

in species of trees (extinct)?

in species of trees (threatened)?

in spending on breads and grains?

in spending on clothing and footwear?

in spending on fish?

in spending on fruits and vegetables?

in spending (government) on health? spending (government) on health (per capita)?

in spending (private) on healthcare?

in spending on hotels and restaurants?

in spending on recreation and culture?

in spending on research and development?

in spending time with friends?

in state legitimacy?

…in students (age 20-24)?

in students (female, science)?

in students (foreign)?

…in students (pre-primary)?

in students (private high school)?

in students reading comics? students reading fiction?

…in suicides?

in suicides (female)?

in suicides (male)?

in suicides (teenage)?

in supply of beer? supply of calories?

in supply of cocoa beans?

in supply of cream?

…in supply of eggs?

in supply of honey?

in supply of hops?

…in supply of olive oil?

in supply of potatoes?

in supply of raw animal fat?

in supply of whey?

in support of euthanasia?

in support of government spending on contraception?

in surface area?

in survival of breast cancer?

in survival of prostate cancer? suspected drug criminals?

in taxes as a percentage of GDP?

in tea consumption?

in teachers’ salaries? teachers’ salaries (secondary)?

in telephones?

in televisions?

…in tertiary graduation rates?

in time to build a warehouse?

in tobacco use?

in tobacco use (female)?

in tobacco use (male)?

in tornadoes? tourist receipts? tourist receipts (growth of)?

in tourist visits?

in tourist visits (growth of)?

in tractors?

in unemployment? unemployment (long term)?

in union membership?

in upholding rule of law? vehicle density?

in vibrator ownership?

in vineyards?

in visa requirements?

in waterways?

in wild orchids traded?

in winners of Miss Universe contest?

in winners of Nobel Prize for literature?

in withdrawal of groundwater?

…in withdrawal of renewable freshwater resources?

in women in government?

in Women’s Index?

in women with HIV?

in women’s pay?

in wood fuel?

in workers?

…in World Cup team members playing professional soccer in Europe (2010)?

in world heritage sites?

in yield of cereal grains?

in yield of corn?

in yield of sunflower seeds?

in young adults using social networking sites?

  1. Brian
    29 July 2010 at 8:25 pm
  2. al
    30 July 2010 at 10:54 am

    do you have rankings from year to year. such as, how u.s. has ranked in healthcare spending each year from 2000 to 2010.?
    do you have such information for other countries as well?

  3. Mark
    1 August 2010 at 2:03 pm

    Some rankings I do put from year to year, but not all. If you follow the links from the posts, you may be able to find the information you’re looking for.

    16 February 2011 at 10:39 am

    If this is the best “the greatest country in the world” can do, this is a Sad day for the USA! We should be first in almost every category and if we aren’t, we should be working to be the best in the categories that we can be.

  5. John
    27 February 2011 at 7:31 pm

    3rd in poverty, we don’t hear any politicians talk about this.

  6. Kyidyl
    28 December 2011 at 1:48 pm :
    If this is the best “the greatest country in the world” can do, this is a Sad day for the USA! We should be first in almost every category and if we aren’t, we should be working to be the best in the categories that we can be.

    …yeah, pretty sure there are some on there we don’t want to be first in. Like, y’know, AIDS deaths. x.x

  7. Anonymous
    27 July 2012 at 9:09 am

    Makes you so Proud you want to jump up and shout U S A U S A .We are the Best.
    What a disgrace .We should hang our heads in shame.Our name is mud all over the world..Last time i went to Europe I was told by the travel agent to say i was from Canada not America and I would get better service.

  8. Jim Coleman
    21 October 2012 at 10:48 am

    Congratulations on on your blog. I rank way down the lost of those who have discovered “Ranking America” but to improve my standing I hope you get a big boost from Scott Shane’s op-ed in this morning’s NY Times. I’ll spend some time with you. Thanks!

  9. Mark
    21 October 2012 at 11:35 am

    Thank you.

  10. David
    23 October 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Let us look at it another way with a glass half-full. Pearson’s Law: “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” – Karl Pearson. We know we (USA) needs to improve, so we must do it ourselves, along with putting those leaders if office capable of doing so. But we must watch them, measure them and correct them. Synergy is the call of the times..

  11. Anonymous
    26 October 2012 at 12:31 am

    Well done! reality-based brain-aided communications ranking = +1

  12. Anonymous
    21 February 2015 at 11:13 pm

    This is my new favorite website!

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    America is NOT the Greatest Country…Anymore! | Retired in Samar
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  8. 22 February 2013 at 7:45 pm
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