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The U.S. ranks 125th in GDP growth per capita

22 February 2013 1 comment

According to the World Bank, in 2011 the United States had GDP growth rate per capita of 1.0%, which is enough to make the United States tied for one hundred twenty-fifth in that category. It is tied with Algeria, Tuvalu, and the Republic of Congo. Macao ranks first, with a GDP growth rate of  18.1% per capita.

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The U.S. ranks 79th in lowest fossil fuel energy consumption

6 April 2011 1 comment

According to The World Bank, in 2007 the United states consumed 85.6% of its total fossil fuel energy, which makes the United States rank seventy-ninth in that category. Congo ranks first, consuming only 4.2% of its total fossil fuel energy.

Prepared by Dan Witkowski

The U.S. ranks 89th in death by cancer

19 February 2009 Leave a comment

According to the World Health Organization’s World Health Statistics, 2008, the United States has a cancer mortality rate of 134 per 100,000 population, which makes it tied for eighty-ninth (with Congo, Italy, and Luxembourg) in that category. Mongolia ranks first, with a cancer mortality rate of 306 per 100,000 population. Kiribati has the lowest rate, at 52 per 100,000.


The U.S. ranks 69th for spending on fruits and vegetables

7 February 2009 Leave a comment

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Americans spend 14.7% of their food budget on fruits and vegetables, making the United States rank sixty-ninth in that category. Gabon and Congo rank first, with 44.8% of the food budget going to fruits and vegetables.