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The U.S. ranks 11th in fourth grade math

13 December 2012 3 comments

According to Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, in 2011 the average United States fourth-grade reading score was 541, which makes the United States rank eleventh out of fifty countries ranked in that category. Singapore ranks first, with a score of 606. Here is the list of the top eleven countries and their scores:

4th grade math


The U.S. ranks 31st in highest female math scores

29 May 2009 2 comments

According to the Programme for International Student Assessment, in 2006, 1.0% of female students in the United States scored at a Level 6 (669.30 points or higher) on the international mathematics assessment. That was enough to make the United States rank thirty-first out of forty-four OECD and partner nations. Taiwan ranked first, with 10.2% of female students scoring at a Level 6.

The OECD average was 2.5%.
Highest Female Math Scores.xlsx

The U.S. ranks 34th in math progress

24 March 2009 1 comment

According to the OECD, between 2003 and 2006, American students declined by nine points in their PISA mathematics performance scores, which made the United States rank thirty-fourth out of thirty nine countries in that category. Indonesia ranked first, with an increase of 31 points in the PISA score.

For the OECD as a whole, there was a decline of two points between 2003 and 2006. The worst performing country was France, with a decline of fifteen points


The U.S. ranks 35th in math

2 February 2009 2 comments

According to the Programme for International Student Assessment, the United States ranks thirty-fifth in terms of the mean score for mathematics. Taiwan ranks first.