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The U.S. ranks 29th in negative emotions

6 June 2012 Leave a comment

According to Gallup, the U.S. has a “negative experience index score” of 32, which makes the United States tied for twenty-ninth (with Nicaragua, Cyprus, Romania, Montenegro, Honduras, and Guatemala) out of one hundred forty-eight countries ranked in that category. Iraq ranks first, with a score of 59. The country with the lowest “negative experience index score” is the Somaliland region, with a score of 11.

The U.S. ranks 142nd in children

6 September 2010 Leave a comment

According to the World Health Organization’s World Health Statistics 2010, twenty percent of Americans are under the age 15, which makes the United States tied for one-hundred-forty-second with China and Montenegro in that category, out of 193 ranked countries. Niger ranks first, with 50% of its population under the age of fifteen. Japan and Bulgaria are tied for last, at 13%.