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The U.S. ranks 17th in having confidence in President Obama

14 September 2014 Leave a comment

According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project, 58%of Americans have confidence in President Obama, which makes the United States tied for seventeenth with Uganda out of forty-four countries ranked in that category. The Philippines ranks first, with 89% of Filipinos having confidence in President Obama.

The U.S. ranks 143rd in population under age fifteen

According to the World Health Organization, 21% of United States citizens are under 15 years of age, this makes the United States rank 143rd in that category. Uganda ranks first with 49% of its population under 15.

Entry prepared by Chris Skovira.

The U.S. ranks 8th in belief of benefits of U.S. policies

30 April 2009 Leave a comment

According to a 2007 Pew Global Attitudes Survey, 59% of Americans believe that U.S. government policies consider the “interests of other countries around the world.” This made the United States tied for eighth with Uganda in that category. Israel ranks first, with 74% of Israeli’s believing that U.S. policies consider the interests of Israel.