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The U.S. ranks 22nd in deaths by ultraviolet radiation

24 May 2013 Leave a comment

According to the World Health Organization, in 2002 the United States had deaths attributable to ultraviolet (UV) radiation at a rate of 2.93 per 100,000 population. That is enough to make the United States rank twenty-second out of one hundred ninety countries ranked in that category. Niue ranked first, with a UV attributable death rate of 2481.51 per 100,000 population.

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The U.S. ranks 141st in government spending on health

22 June 2009 7 comments

According to data gathered in 2005 by the World Health Organization, government expenditures on health in the United States amounts to 45.1% of total expenditures on health, a percent that makes the United States rank one-hundred-and-forty-first in that category. The United States is sandwiched by Venezuela and Eritrea in that category.

Niue ranks first, with 98.6% of total expenditures on health being covered by the government. At the bottom of the list is Myanmar, at 10.6%.

gov spending on health care.xlsx

The U.S. ranks 40th in newspapers; the U.S. ranks 14th in newspapers

12 March 2009 Leave a comment

Given this recent article in the New York Times, I thought I’d post this:

According to UNESCO, in 2004 there were five daily newspaper titles in the United States for every one million inhabitants, which made the United States rank fortieth in that category. Niue ranked first, with 628 newspaper titles for every one million inhabitants.


When just the top fifty countries in terms of daily newspaper titles are looked at, the United States ranks fourteenth in terms of the number of daily newspaper titles published per 1,000,000 inhabitants. Norway ranks first.