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The U.S. ranks 59th in women and girls

21 October 2011 2 comments

According to the World Bank, in 2010 the female population in the United States accounted for 50.7% of the total population, which made the United States tied for fifty-ninth in that category with Eritrea, Central African Republic, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Benin, Mexico, Belize, and the Kyrgyz Republic. Latvia and Ukraine ranked first, with females accounting for 54.0% of their total populations.

The U.S. ranks 148th in gasoline pump prices

According to the World Bank, Americans in 2008 paid $ 0.56 per liter at the gas pumps making the United States rank one hundred and forty-eighth of one hundred and sixty-seven  countries ranked in that category. Eritrea ranked first, paying $2.53 per liter at the gas pumps.

Entry prepared by Dan Witkowski

The U.S. ranks 141st in government spending on health

22 June 2009 7 comments

According to data gathered in 2005 by the World Health Organization, government expenditures on health in the United States amounts to 45.1% of total expenditures on health, a percent that makes the United States rank one-hundred-and-forty-first in that category. The United States is sandwiched by Venezuela and Eritrea in that category.

Niue ranks first, with 98.6% of total expenditures on health being covered by the government. At the bottom of the list is Myanmar, at 10.6%.

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