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The U.S. ranks 6th in military expenditures

10 November 2012 1 comment

According to the World Bank, military expenditures in the United States equal 4.7% of GDP, which is enough to make the United States tied for sixth with Jordan in that category. Saudi Arabia ranks first with military expenditures at 8.4% of GDP.

The U.S. ranks 24th in military expenditures

24 February 2011 Leave a comment

According to the CIA World Factbook, in 2005 the United States spent 4.1% of their GPD on military expenditures, enough to make the United States rank twenty-fourth out of the 174 countries that were ranked in that category. Oman ranks first, spending 11.4% of their GPD on military expenditures.

Entry prepared by Jamie Lehr

The U.S. ranks 70th in armed forces personnel

27 December 2010 Leave a comment

According to the World Bank, 1.0% of the total workforce of the United States is in the armed forces, which makes the United States tied for seventieth with several other countries in that category. North Korea ranks first, with 10.6% of its workforce in the armed forces.

The U.S. ranks 3rd in armed forces personnel

7 December 2010 1 comment

According to the World Bank, in 2008 there were 1,540,000 military members in the United States, or 5.6% of the world’s 27,469,342 armed forces personnel. That was enough to make the United States rank third out of one hundred sixty seven countries with armed forces. China ranks first, with 2,885,000 military members, or 10.5% of the world’s total.

Ten countries–China, India, the United States, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, Brazil, South Korea, and Turkey–account for almost one half (49.5%) of the world’s total armed forces personnel.

The U.S. ranks 28th in military expenditures by percent GDP

9 March 2010 2 comments

According to the CIA World Factbook, the United States spends approximately 4.06% of its GDP on the military, which makes the U.S. rank twenty-eighth in that category. Oman ranked first, spending 11.4% of its GDP on the military.

Entry by Chris Skovira.

The U.S. ranks 1st in military spending

20 January 2009 4 comments

According to the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, the United States ranks first in terms of military spending.